Is your X-ray equipment compliant?

Don't take a chance with radiation safety or risk a fine for non-compliant radiographic equipment. Schedule an appointment today.  

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Our team is accredited by the EPA and readily available to provide you with government regulated Compliance Testing and Certification, for the following radiation emitting devices:

Intraoral X-ray

Panoramic X-ray




Computed tomography

Bone mineral densitometry

Veterinary and chiropractic

Gamma Tech provides expert technical and operational advice on all aspects of radiation safety as well as owning and operating radiographic equipment, in NSW. We can assist with regulatory requirements relating to X-ray acquisition, Radiation Management License specifications, installation requirements and regulations, calibration services and all relating matters. 


Allow Gamma Tech to ensure your practice and radiographic equipment meet all EPA regulations and standards. ​​We provide expert advice in an easy to understand, straightforward manner and make sure you are equipped with the tools and know-how to create a safe working environment. 

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About Radiation Safety in NSW

Each state and territory in Australia have their own standardized regulations that cover the usage, ownership, and specific requirements to attain compliance certification for radiation emitting devices. The governing body in NSW is the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). To achieve and maintain compliance in NSW, the EPA requires your radiation emitting devices to be compliance tested:

After device installation, before use in practice

Periodically after initial installation, depending on device

After major services involving tubehead replacement

After the device has been relocated

Compliance Calendar

Don't take a chance with radiation safety or risk a fine for non-compliant radiographic equipment. Schedule in your compliance testing today and we will ensure your surgery remains certified.

We will be in touch prior to the expiry of your current compliance certificate to arrange a date and time for re-testing.

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Thank you for using our compliance calendar. We will be in touch to arrange a date and time for testing, prior to the expiry of your current certificate.

Why does my X-ray equipment require Compliance Testing?

Many industries, including medical, dental, and veterinary surgeries utilize X-ray imaging technology, as a means of noninvasively and painlessly diagnosing disease, assisting medical and surgical treatment planning, and in the evaluation of oral health. X-ray technology has improved significantly over the years, to optimize image quality and minimize the ionizing radiation dose to the patient.


Compliance testing of all x-ray equipment is required in NSW and regulated by the EPA. This is to ensure that the patient, medical and non-medical staff, as well as the public are protected and not at risk of being exposed (or overexposed) to the harmful effects of ionizing radiation.  

Unnecessary increase in dose to the patient or bystanders can be caused by a faulty or poor performing apparatus, not adhering to regulatory standards with regards to shielding or distancing requirements, or incomplete quality assurance procedures.

What does the Compliance Testing process include?

The Radiation Control Act 1990 states that all ionising radiation apparatuses must be assessed by a Consulting Radiation Expert (CRE) for compliance with the applicable regulatory protocols. In New South Wales, the CRE must be accredited by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and the radiographic equipment is tested against the requirements as set out in Radiation Standard 6.

The testing procedure is performed using state of the art QA testing and dosimetry equipment to assess and calculate radiation parameters, such as the radiation exposure, kVp and mA accuracy, time linearity, tubehead leakage and other pertinent testing criteria. After a successful assessment, the CRE issues a Certificate of Compliance, verifying that the tested apparatus met the minimum requirements for Compliance, as legislated by Radiation Guideline 6. The CRE also provides a technical report outlining all applicable technical data and notifies the appropriate statutory authorities. All records must be kept as part of the approved QA program to demonstrate compliance with safety standards and to be presented in the event of an audit by the relevant Radiation Health Authority. 


EPA Regulations

Questions about EPA regulations?

Our team at Gamma Tech provide professional guidance on NSW EPA radiation regulations and requirements to ensure you achieve and maintain compliance and adhere to EPA standards. We are happy to guide you through the steps to ensure radiation safety compliance and confirm you adhere to EPA regulations.