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At Gamma Tech we provide you with comprehensive operational radiographic expertise and services. We are dedicated to keeping you, your staff, and your patients safe and your equipment operating at an optimal level. 

Our Promise

Customer Care

Customer Care

We understand the needs of our customers and believe in building high value, long-term relationships.


Our team of qualified radiation experts deliver professional, efficient, and high quality services and advice.


We pride ourselves on our radiation expertise and strive to create a safer environment for patients and staff.

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At Gamma Tech we endeavour to enhance radiation safety within the dental, medical and veterinary industries. We provide our customers with the information and tools necessary to protect themselves, their patients, and the public from unnecessary and potentially harmful radiation exposure. 

Makenzie Harris, Founder and Consulting Radiation Expert

Makenzie Harris, Founder and Consulting Radiation Expert

About Us

Founded on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Gamma Tech was founded in June 2020 on Sydney's Northern Beaches with the goal of enhancing radiation safety, across Australia. Our Consulting Radiation Expert (CRE) accreditation, granted by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), enables us to protect medical, dental and veterinary professionals, their patients, and the public by ensuring that their radiation emitting devices meet the minimum requirements as legislated by the EPA.



Gamma Tech's promise

At Gamma Tech, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer care and service. We accommodate your busy schedule where possible in order to minimize interruptions to your daily workflow. Our main objective is to increase radiation safety for professionals, patients and the general public exposed to ionizing radiation.


Our corporate membership with the Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS) allows us to participate in actively shaping the future of radiation protection. Our team supports the organization's efforts to promote the principles and practice of radiation protection in NSW and Australia.


Your expert for NSW radiation safety regulations

Gamma Tech offers expert advice on all radiation subjects and EPA regulations. We work with you to ensure the radiation emitting devices in your practice meet the applicable safety standards and comply with the relevant radiation laws in NSW. It is our highest priority to keep you, your staff and your customers safe from being exposed to unnecessary radiation. 

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Australasian Radiation Protection Society
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