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Is Your X-Ray Equipment Compliant?

Don't take a chance with radiation safety or risk a fine for non-compliance. Schedule an appointment today. 

X-ray Compliance Testing Services
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Radiation Safety Simplified

Our team at Gamma Tech provide professional guidance on NSW radiation regulations to ensure you achieve and maintain compliance and adhere to EPA standards. We provide expert advice in an easy to understand, straightforward manner and make sure you are equipped with the tools and know-how to create a safe working environment. 


Gamma Tech is accredited by the EPA and readily available to provide you with Compliance Testing and Certification for the following radiation emitting devices:

Intraoral X-ray

Panoramic X-ray




Computed Tomography

Bone Mineral Densitometry

Veterinary and Chiropractic

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About Radiation Safety in NSW

Each state and territory in Australia have their own standardized regulations that cover the usage, ownership, and specific requirements for attaining and maintaining compliance certification for the lifespan of your radiographic equipment. ​The governing body in NSW is the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

To remain compliant in NSW, the EPA requires your radiation emitting devices to be compliance tested:

After device installation, before use in practice

Periodically after initial installation, depending on device

After major services involving tubehead replacement

After the device has been relocated


Stay safe and avoid fines for non-compliance.

Free Self-Assessment Checklist

Find out if your dental practice is compliant with NSW radiation regulations. The checklist will be delivered via email.


Organisations that we are proud to work with

Compliance Calendar

Schedule your compliance testing today, and we will ensure your surgery remains certified. Simply submit your details below and let us do the rest!


Whether your unit is due in 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years, we will keep track and contact you prior to the expiry of your current compliance certificate to arrange an appointment for re-testing. This allows you to focus on your core business: Taking care of your patients.

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EPA Regulations
Questions about EPA regulations?

Our team at Gamma Tech provide professional advice on NSW EPA radiation regulations and are happy to guide you through the steps to ensure your practice achieves and maintains compliance.

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